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Small Church Pastors and Bullying

Source: Karl Vaters There are some bullies in church leadership. No, not all of them. Not even most of them. But there are too many of them. I doubt even one of the bullies realizes it. But they’re bullies, just the same. Yes, that’s a strong accusation to make. I haven’t written it lightly. It’s the [Read More…]

Start With Isaiah (RJS)

Last Tuesday I put up a post addressing the supposed revelation that camels in Genesis prove scripture wrong (The Mighty Mysterious Camel). Headlines include such memorable tags as “the camel that broke the bible’s back.” Despite the claims made in many of the media reports the late date for domestication of camels and the challenge [Read More…]

Atonement and Divine Child Abuse

About a decade ago it became avant garde theology to contend the classical Christian theory of atonement was nothing less than divine child abuse. That is, the image of a Father punishing a Son, or exacting retribution at the expense of his own Son, or punishing a Son for the good of others — each [Read More…]