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Associates, Bachelors, Masters — Which Degree?

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The Other Side of the Donald Miller Post: Church PTSD

This post is by a friend, and it gets to the heart of the problem many today have with the church; she calls it church PTSD.  There’s been a lot said recently in the blogosphere about church attendance.  I’ve scoured the various articles looking for a hint of a chance that someone understands my situation.  [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 1 March 2014

These pre WW2 photos are priceless stories, my favorite this homesteader gardening: Diversity sometimes means left-wing kinds of diversity according to Jonah Goldberg: Which brings us back to the sages of Swarthmore and Harvard. They at least understand that ideological diversity is actually, like, you know, a thing. They just think it’s a bad thing. [Read More…]