Bilinguality and the Brain

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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday: here is the order for Ash Wednesday from The Book of Common Prayer. It is a time for confession of sin as we prepare ourselves for Good Friday and Easter, the days on which God removed sin and into which we live as we participate in Lent. I encourage you to fast today, [Read More...]

The Time of Our Lives (by Jonathan Storment)

The Time of Our Lives I come from a Free Church tradition, for those of you who don’t know, that doesn’t mean we have a symbol of an eagle for our services, it just means that we aren’t as tied to the historic liturgy and traditions from older streams of Christianity (like creeds or prayer [Read More...]

The “Official” and “Public” Story

The one who controls the story controls the glory. Take for instance the “story” that America’s national game, baseball, has a “world” series though it is only a game between the two leagues in America and it’s a good thing we don’t let the Cubans play. But that little word “world” tells a story, the [Read More...]