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Electorate Shifts Left

Source: The chart above demonstrates something else. Conservatives have a double problems with millennial voters. The first is that they’re much less white than older voters, which means that, as time goes on, Republicans would need to get much higher voting margins among millennial whites merely to stay even. But the second problem is that [Read More…]

Paul the Jew, But How Jewish?

One of the more pressing questions among those who study Paul today is How Jewish he was. Which leads to the question, Did Paul observe Torah? Or, Would his fellow Jews have considered Paul a Jew? We can widen this somewhat: Did Paul expect Jewish believers to follow the Torah? Or did he expect them [Read More…]

Touchy Spot: Evangelicals and the Church

One of the more common observations among the high church sorts (Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox, Lutherans) is that “evangelicals have no ecclesiology.” True or not, the observation can be heard in many theological conferences.So Mike Bird, in his Evangelical Theology, suggests there are three reasons for this lack of emphasis on ecclesiology among evangelicals: 1. A “radical [Read More…]