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Who Do You Think Should Review This Book?

I’m looking for recommendations of four people (bloggers, website)  who should review this book, and why you think they should get a free copy and review it (within one month) on their blog or website? Provide name and blogger (blog name, too), and why you think they should review it. “My kingdom is not of this [Read More…]

Douthat and Persecution

Source In my Sunday column, I [Ross Douthat] wrote about the possible culture-war scenarios that await us once same-sex unions are recognized as marriages from sea to shining sea, and contemplated the kinds of pressure, legal and otherwise, that might be brought to bear against individuals and institutions that hew to the older understanding of matrimony. (This [Read More…]

Is Evolution a Random Process? (RJS)

A question that comes up quite frequently in discussions of evolution and Christian faith deals with the apparently purposeless randomness of the evolutionary process.  One of the most famous images is the tape of time given by Stephen Jay Gould. Run the tape over and something entirely different will emerge.  From his 1994 article in Scientific [Read More…]

Inspiration and Its Implications

All traditional church confessions and bodies at some place affirm the “inspiration” of Scripture, but it is not always clear what that might mean when it comes to reading it or listening to it. Does it make the Bible unlike all other books in all ways? in some ways? and how so? Michael Graves has asked this set [Read More…]