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Ads, You and Your Childhood

The Atlantic: What product did you buy as a child but that you still purchase though you know it is not the wisest of choices? One paradox of advertising comes from a powerful inverse relationship between age and money. The people most likely to be swayed by most commercials are impressionable children (who have no [Read More…]

Unwholesome Complexity (RJS)

What does it mean to take scripture seriously? Is literalism the only faithful approach? The third chapter of Ronald E. Osborn’s new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering looks at the unwholesome complexity (his chapter title) that can arise from a rigorously literal approach to scripture. He begins [Read More…]

Where John’s Story Begins

The Book of Revelation has perhaps the most radical vision of the Story of God in the whole Bible. But that Story counters the story told by Rome, which, as I wrote in our last post, The fundamental idea then is that the gods gave the world Rome; they gave the world Rome as a [Read More…]