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Good News about the Church!

Geoff Holsclaw, my colleague at Northern and friend, has a post on good news about churches: (Geoff is another good reason to consider studying for ministry at Northern seminary.) Headline news is usually bad news. Viral blog posts are usually polemical. And those “way-too-long” conversations on Facebook and Twitter are often based in controversy. Pain, division, and [Read More…]

Needless (Faith) Casualties (by John Frye)

Needless Casualties I am going to write about Tyler and Brenda, a son and his mother. I have heard for years that the creationism/evolution debate is putting many of our evangelical young people into a bind. Many young students from our churches head off to college and are presented with strong evidence for evolution. The [Read More…]

Authority in the Local Church

Ah, now that word authority is likely to get some to have a few things to say. Many of us might sympathize with Joseph Hellerman, Embracing Shared Ministry, when he says this: One Sunday I informed my congregation that I would not make a very good Democrat because I do not trust big government. Then I remarked [Read More…]