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Where’s Malaysian Flight 370?

If it landed, here were its options — runways sufficient to handle a Boeing 777. [Read more…]

Library Lovers are Tech Savvy

Source New research on library users from the Pew Research Center suggests that people who report high engagement with libraries tend to be pretty tech savvy. The two groups identified by the Pew Internet and American Life Project as having the highest level of engagement with libraries, “library lovers” and “information omnivores” show higher levels of technology usage [Read More…]

For the Early Church, Start Here (Every time)

I shall begin with this: IVP’s Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity  is a colossal and stunning achievement. 3220 separate dictionary entries, 266 contributors from 26 countries. There is nothing like it and there won’t be for decades… so every library has to have it, and every one who wants to study the patristics needs to have it [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 15 March 2014

High school dances — going the way of high button shoes? (One of my favorite movies of all time in that pic.) Your high school may have had different names for them, but you probably recognize what they are: school dances. A staple of American culture, the dramatic climax of countless high-school movies, and the background [Read More…]