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Missional vs. Attractional: What Kind of Pastor? (John Mark Comer)

Source For those who have grown up around an attractional church, it’s a totally different set of metrics for success. It’s a different way of thinking about what it means to be a successful pastor. Attractional churches tend to attract very different leadership personalities than a “missional” expression of church. A different kind of pastor [Read More…]

No Needy Among Us? (Jonathan Storment)

Lent: No Needy People Among Us? So we are in the season of Lent, the time of the year, when the Church calendar asks us to remember our sin, to repent of it, and to confess it. But this raises lots of practical pastoral questions for me. How does a Protestant church, from a free [Read More…]

Let’s Talk about It: John Mark Comer and the Multi-Site Church

John Mark Comer, whose new book just landed on my desk (Loveology) and I’m more than a little interested in what he says, was recently interviewed about Solid Rock Church. In the interview he made some comments about multi-site churches, and I’m wondering what you think: What do you think of multi-site churches? What kind [Read More…]