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President Obama’s Catholic Activist Roots

Globe and Mail In a meeting room under Holy Name Cathedral, a rapt group of black Roman Catholics listened as Barack Obama, a 25-year-old community organizer, trained them to lobby their fellow delegates to a national congress in Washington on issues like empowering lay leaders and attracting more believers. “He so quickly got us,” said [Read More…]

Paul’s Missional Theology (acc. to NT Wright)

So what were Paul’s aims? What was he doing? What did he think he was doing? (Paul and the Faithfulness of God) To see Paul as the philosopher who provided the ideological validation for the worldwide rule of Jesus would hardly capture the whole of his thought, but it would possess more than a grain [Read More…]

Things Jesus Never Said: Make a Big Deal about Things I Never Said

From Allan Bevere: We have all seen the “things Jesus never said” memes on social media, and there are many of them as a Google image search demonstrates. Such memes are a way of offering a zinger to Christians with whom we disagree theologically, socially, and/or politically. And while such memes can be humorous, in reality they are [Read More…]