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This is not an April Fools Post but Should Be

CNN: (CNN) — Sure, the wedding was stunning. The doves were released on cue, you didn’t stumble on your vows, and your aunt Caroline stayed sober until after the toasts. But something was off: Your special day didn’t play as well on social media as you were hoping. Where were all the RTs for that hilarious [Read More…]

From Tower Building to Net Mending (RJS)

Ronald E. Osborn wraps up part one of his new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering with a sketch of a new approach to hard questions of the Christian faith. He uses three different images to cast this vision. First, he suggests that the Supreme Court provides an [Read More…]

The Apostle Paul and Women

“If you polled people in public at random, you would likely find that Paul has made his overall worst impressions on modern thinkers with his statements on women.” So Sarah Ruden in Paul among the People (p. 72). It is not uncommon to pull out rabbinical statements about women, then trot out Jesus and Jesus wins, [Read More…]