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Wages and Justice

A number of themes arise from the following piece from USA Today: the goofiness of how much coaches earn (Duke coach 11 million!) and compmensation for players (who can be seen as employees in some cases), tied to laborers in the USA who are not paid decent wages for minimum wage… it goes on… Do [Read More…]

WL Craig vs. J Crossley

From Wintery Knight, who summarizes the conclusions in the debate between ever-debating Bill Craig and ever-willing-to-debate James Crossley. I have found Crossley reasonable in his debates with traditionalists even when I disagree.  What do you think of debates like these? What good do they do? Is this kind of apologetics the best way to “defend” [Read More…]

Church and Our Projections (Josh Graves)

Josh Graves is the Preaching Minster at the Otter Creek Church in Nashville. We are all caught up in an inescapable mutuality (paraphrase of Harry Emerson Fosdick). For several years (in various settings), I’ve noticed something about life that I couldn’t quite “diagnose” or “describe” but it was something real and potentially toxic. Then, it [Read More…]

Subject to Governing Authorities — Paul Again

Those famous words of Paul’s in Romans 13 have not only irritated some to the core of their being (think apartheid) but they have been used by some to sanction most any authority’s moves. Divinely sanctioned authority can run wild, and it has in the church.  The text was a favorite of those who were [Read More…]