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Walking: 5 Benefits

From Cleveland Clinic: People who walk regularly swear by the health and psychological benefits of their daily jaunt. Here are five reasons why they’re right. 1. Walking reduces stress, cheers you up and increases self-esteem If you’ve ever gone out for a walk in a huff and come back more calm and collected, you know firsthand [Read More…]

Build a House in 4 Days with one Tool

Source: Rome might not have been built in a day, but if MultiPod Studio has its way, you could be able to build yourself a new home in just four. The Marseille-based design firm has come up with a prototype called the Pop-Up House—made out of wood, foam, and screws—that you can supposedly assemble with just a [Read More…]

Christmas Elections Gets Earlier and Earlier

From The Atlantic: Christmas, it seems, starts earlier and earlier every year, and so do quadrennial presidential elections. “When my father first ran for president in ’92,” Chelsea Clinton said Saturday at an event in Arizona, “campaigns were only 13 months, instead of three and a half years, as they seem to be now.” The [Read More…]

What is Porneia to a 1st Century Jew?

The term porneia is a Greek term that has two basic meanings: 1. Sex with a prostitute; prostitution. 2. Sexual immorality in general. The issue for biblical studies is two-fold: (1) which meaning is in view in this text? and (2) what does the sexual immorality in general mean? If one thinks a given NT text (say [Read More…]

Reality Check (by John Frye)

An indelicate bumper sticker reads “$#*t Happens.” I am not trying to be provocative with this; I am just reporting what we’ve all seen.  I think that Qoheleth, the wisdom writer of the Book of Ecclesiastes says it more delicately and robustly, “‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’ says the Teacher. ‘Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.’” A group of friends and I [Read More…]

WV, BBCs and JBCs

The Polarization of “Biblical Christianity” A guest post by Michael W. Pahl If you didn’t hear about the World Vision kerfuffle last week, you were either still in winter hibernation or nowhere near the US (yes, the kerfuffle was about World Vision in the US, notglobally). In the space of 48 hours, World Vision US first opened their hiring gates to people in [Read More…]