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Jill’s House: Something for you to consider

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The Death of the Death Penalty?

The Atlantic: In his latest book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, retired United States Supreme Court Justice John Stevens reminds us why some of the most frustrating judges are the ones who have left their courts behind…. For example, a man who consistently upheld capital convictions and the death penalty itself [Read More…]

The Problem of Joshua (RJS)

Lately I’ve been listening once again to the early part of the Old Testament. Genesis √, Exodus √, Leviticus √, Numbers √, Deuteronomy … Ah OK maybe, … Joshua … here the problems really take root. Today I am deep into Judges … Wondering what we are to make of this cycle of events.  Many well [Read More…]

The Astounding Analogy for Hauerwas

Nicholas Healy, in Hauerwas: A (Very) Critical Introduction, offers — at the very heart of his entire proposal — an analogy that, when I first heard it I thought was absurd. As Marx was to Hegel so Hauerwas is to Schleiermacher. That’s right, Healy — and he is not being cheeky — sees the best analogue [Read More…]