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Rwanda, Twenty Years Later

Lauren Wolfe: Today, 20 years after an ethnically motivated genocide in which nearly 1 million Rwandans died and up to half a million women were raped, thegovernment forbids certain kinds of public discussion about Hutus and Tutsis. When I visited the country in February, I heard a lot of chatter about something called “Vision 2020,” which is [Read More…]

The Wisdom of Joy (by John Frye)

Wisdom of Joy: Ecclesiastes- Part 2 A common view of the Book of Ecclesiastes goes something like this: “I think Ecclesiastes is just human wisdom, the best that people can find ‘under the sun.’ It’s just human ideas, not God’s, what with its hedonism, telling us to ‘eat, drink and be merry.’ It is a [Read More…]

Are Millennials Leaving the Church? What do the numbers really say?

So what is the religious life of emerging adults today like when compared to the last twenty-five years? What is it like when compared to other age groups? Are millennials really leaving the church? Do the number support the claim? Two experts — Christian Smith (with Patricia Snell) and Bradley Wright deserve to be heard; in [Read More…]