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Why Males Struggle with Friendships

Source: Mark Greene, The Good Men Project Who can describe the kinds of friends males have? Do you see this in high school, college … where do you see the patterns begin? In the absence of emotional authenticity, American men become homogeneous in their expression of self. This encourages their location, willingly or otherwise, in [Read More…]

Noah, Christians and Hollywood Movies (Allan Bevere)

Post by Allan Bevere: I have not seen the new movie, “Noah,” and I probably won’t, for no other reason than it just doesn’t look interesting to me. But many have and commented on whether or not it’s a good movie to see. One of the concerns for many Christians is how true it is or [Read More…]

Healy’s Empirical Criticism of Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas, one of the most influential Christian intellectuals in the world and a powerful advocate of the pacifist element in Anabaptism, has an ecclesio-centric approach to theology and apologetics. In Nicholas Healy’s book, Hauerwas: A (Very) Critical Introduction, a significant claim is laid against Hauerwas and here is how Healy puts it: For Hauerwas’s argument [Read More…]