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Clever Cooking

Check out these food hacks, and here’s one. Ever have trouble getting food stuffs into your taco? Use a fork. [Read more…]

Bad Religion’s Alternative: No Religion or Good Religion?

As the book says, “a growing number of Americans are starving for an alternative to negative, closed-minded, judgmental, partisan, antiwomen, antiscience religion. Instead, they are searching for a positive, grace-filled, open-minded, gender-equal faith option.” Where are they finding this? Can they find this? Martin Thielen, in his new book (quoted above), called The Answer to Bad [Read More…]

The Rise of the Nones

If you listen to some, the “Nones” are changing the landscape of American religion, but in listening to others — well, I was conversing with a knowledgeable person not long ago and this person had never even heard of the “Nones.” That person was in religious publishing. We need to take a good look at [Read More…]