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Good Story of Commitment

Source: Helen Felumlee, of Nashport, Ohio, died at 92 on April 12. Kenneth Felumlee her 91-year-old husband, died the next morning. According to the Zanesville Times Recorder, Kenneth had his leg amputated 2.5 years ago due to circulation problems. Ever since then, Helen became his main caretaker. She continued to look after him until three weeks before [Read More…]

The God of the Whirlwind (RJS)

Ronald Osborn (Death Before the Fall) finds the cosmic theodicy provided by C. S. Lewis as an effort to think through the problem of death and suffering in creation both thought-provoking and insufficient. The conflict with rebellious non-human powers is almost certainly part of the picture, one with strong biblical basis, but it doesn’t provide [Read More…]

She Can Teach!

A man named Pete tells the story of his uber-gifted mother who could teach, her womens Bible study classes were exploding in interest and size, she was asked to teach a “mixed” audience and when she began a few men got up and walked out, but her husband leaned over and said, “Preach the Word, [Read More…]