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Every Praise

Blayne Alexander: ATLANTA — A young boy’s love of gospel music may have saved his life. Earlier this month, police say a man kidnapped then nine-year-old Willie Myrick from his southwest Atlanta driveway. He allegedly drove the boy around for some time before dropping him off unharmed in East Point. But Willie’s actions during those [Read More…]

Jesus Throws the Best Parties (Jonathan Storment)

This past Sunday at the church I [Jonathan Storment, @Stormented] serve, we started a new Easter series called “Jesus Throws the Best Parties” For many people, partying is seen as a way to escape reality or it is reduced to something for 5th grade birthdays or college students with over-active hormones and their parents’ credit [Read More…]

The Perfect Storm against the Faith

In our last post on the rise of the Nones, we looked at James Emery White’s The Rise of the Nones to describe what the Nones are like. But the question is How did the get there? What precipitated the rise of the Nones? White calls it the “perfect storm” and sees two storms: The first [Read More…]