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Here is a picture after the ordination service to the Sacred Order of Deacons. My Bishop, Todd Hunter, to the left, yours truly, and then our pastor, Jay Greener. A wonderful day I will never forget.   [Read more…]

Saturday Author Interview with Darrin McMahon

Darrin McMahon is Ben Weider Professor and Distinguished Research Professor in the department of history at Florida State University.  David Moore who blogs at conducted the following interview. A few years back, I read your terrific book, Happiness: a History.  Your new book, Divine Fury: A History of Genius, tackles another big idea.  What motivated you to write an entire [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 26 April 2014

A beautiful story about Lacey Holsworth: The purpose of the universe, by George Dvorsky: It’s tempting to think of the universe as a meaningless repository for celestial objects like planets and stars. But an intriguing theory suggests there’s much more to the cosmos than meets the eye — and that black holes play an integral [Read More…]