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The Unchangeable Doctrinal Statement of Bryan College

Source: Two tenured Bryan College professors that were notified their employment will be terminated on May 17 after they failed to acknowledge the college’s recent “clarification” on the origins of man in their contract renewal are suing the college in Rhea County Chancery Court. The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday, states that when the [Read More…]

Donald Miller: An Apology (from Jonathan Storment)

“Next time I’m in church, please no photos.” –Kanye West A couple of months ago, right after Donald Miller had written a blog admitting he wasn’t a regular church attender, I wrote a blog here disagreeing with him. Now it has started to dawn on me that I was wrong. Not about church, but about Donald [Read More…]

Is the Gospel Political? (Jackson Wu)

Jackson Wu teaches theology and missiology for Chinese pastors. He blogs at www. Wu has also written Saving God’s Face: A Chinese Contextualization of Salvation through Honor and Shame (2013). Follow him on Twitter by clicking here. [SMcK: I mistakenly got two posts out of order. “Is the Gospel Political?” will be followed Friday by the post about [Read More…]