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White Millennials are Leaving the Church

Bob Smietana’s fine article: About a third of young (18-29 year old) Americans — and more than half of younger Christians — are people of color, according to data from the Public Religion Research Institute. White Christians, on the other hand, make up only a quarter of younger Americans. In fact there are more Nones [Read More…]

Honesty is the Way

From USA Today: The old $20 couch from the Salvation Army was “pretty ugly” and smelled, but it fit the apartment three New York college roommates were sharing. When they got their funky, lumpy seating home, the new owners discovered its big redeeming quality: nearly $41,000 stashed inside. “I almost peed,” Reese Werkhoven told The Little Rebellion, [Read More…]

Sometimes Pastors Need to Get out of the Way

By Allan Bevere: Churches may have pastors, but the ministries of the church must be and should be lay-driven. The huge downside to the professionalization of the ministry is that too many pastors believe they have to do ministry for everyone in the church, while too many laity believe the same thing. When the pastor does everything [Read More…]

Francis Collins and DNA

From USA Today: Francis Collins has changed medicine. As director of the international Human Genome Project, he led the first full sequencing of human DNA, the “instruction book” for human life. In 2009, President Obama appointed him director of the National Institutes of Health, the world’s largest funder of medical research. He met recently with [Read More…]