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Southwestern Baptist (SBC) Admits Muslim

RNS by Greg Horton: What do you think? (RNS) In the first instance of its kind, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the largest of the Southern Baptist Convention’s schools, acknowledged it has admitted a Muslim to one of its doctoral programs. Ghassan Nagagreh, a Palestinian Muslim, recently completed his first year of doctoral studies at the [Read More…]

Commencement Activism

Mary Beth Marklein: The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education calls it “disinvitation season” – the annual spring standoff between college commencement speakers and the graduating seniors (and others) who will be in the audience. Former U.S. secretary of State Condoleezza Rice won’t be speaking at Rutgers University Sunday. Students and faculty objected to her [Read More…]

A Biography of the Book of Genesis

Princeton’s new series, Lives of Great Religious Books, has the promise of exceptional scholarship about stories worth telling. Alan Jacobs’ contribution, The Book of Common Prayer, combines his talent for excellence in prose with a knack for the telling anecdote, the fund for which with Alan seems endless. And the story of the BCP is [Read More…]

When the Church Confuses “Me” and “We” (Jackson Wu)

Jackson Wu teaches theology and missiology for Chinese pastors. He blogs at www. Wu has also written Saving God’s Face: A Chinese Contextualization of Salvation through Honor and Shame (2013). Follow him on Twitter by clicking here. When the Church Confuses “Me” and “We” In Christian Political Witness, the authors repeatedly lament the divide between “public” and “private.” [Read More…]