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Lectio Divina: Dangerous? You bet!

Mark Moore: So I used to be a Calvinist–big deal. So I studied hard as a pastor–I was supposed to. So I got into a PhD program–so did a bunch of others. No, there is nothing impressive about any of this. I tell you this stuff because I want you to understand that I’m not [Read More…]

Kevin Durant and His Father

Leonard Pitts Jr: Thank you, Leonard Pitts! Maybe you heard about the tribute Kevin Durant paid his mother a week ago. You probably missed the one he paid his dad…. In a voice choked with tears, Durant, a ferociously talented forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, thanks God. He thanks each teammate by name, thanks [Read More…]

All Humanity is the Image of God (RJS)

The third chapter of J. Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1 looks at the ancient Near Eastern context for parallels to the image of God. Chapter 2 placed the term in the context of the symbolic world of Genesis 1 and, of course, this included the ancient Near Eastern [Read More…]

Education: For Life or Ideas?

Theories about education, Joseph Epstein announces in an echo chamber inhabited by the alert, “fizzle, then go down in flames” because they are foisted upon the unsuspecting student by “lunatics of one idea.” When the new idea rises to a sound loud enough to be heard by edu-crats, everything is asked to march behind — [Read More…]