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Lowering the Self-Esteem Level

Anneli Rufus: Is low self-esteem all that bad? Self-loathing is. But between self-loathing and narcissism is a vast spectrum comprising infinitely various degrees of self-regard. Neither extreme is good. If only we could just reach medium. In 1986, California state assembly member John Vasconcellos proposed the State Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem. This ignited a [Read More…]

Responses to No Historical Adam (RJS)

Last Tuesday I put up a summary (No Historical Adam?) of Denis Lamoureux’s chapter in the new book from the Zondervan Counterpoints series: Four Views on the Historical Adam.  Denis presents a view that we should recognize the Adam story as an accommodation to an ancient Near Eastern understanding of human origins.  In today’s post we [Read More…]

On Reading Revelation (Intelligently)

The Book of Revelation (or, The Apocalypse) cannot be brought up as a subject without my returning to the fervor of its interpreters in the world of my young adulthood, and that means — not to put too fine of a point on it — Hal Lindsey or Salem Kirban, both of whom wrote (and [Read More…]