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Vineyard Pastors and Leaders

A little while back I traveled to Cincinnati to speak at the Cincinnati Vineyard to a regional group of Vineyard pastors and leaders. I have always enjoyed the Vineyard leaders, in part because I had friends in the Vineyard when it was launched and because I’ve watched so many in the Vineyard grow — theologically [Read More…]

What Maya Angelou Did on the First Day of Class

By Margaret Feinberg, who had Maya Angelou as a professor: I wish I could to tell you that the first class I sat in on with Maya Angelou was filled with an unforgettable poetry reading and rich stories about her textured life, but for the next hour, each of the students circled the room introducing themselves, [Read More…]

Churches that Inhale and Exhale

When a MacDonald’s and its patented fast-food approach sought to open up in a new neighborhood in Paris, some locals formed the Slow Food Movement, and this caught on … so we soon had Slow Cities and Slow Money and Slow Gardening and Slow Parenting and Slow Reading and Slow Design and Slow Art and [Read More…]

Transformation or Not?

The dustup over the last couple weeks between TGC, focused there on Kevin DeYoung’s post, and Tullian Tchividjian now has an even more radical wrinkle. First, some context: the essential difference is that both TGC and Tullian believe in transformation of the individual believer but TGC folks, with their more Puritan approach, believe in highlight [Read More…]