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Scrupulosity and Faith

Elizabeth Landau, for CNN, and at the link you can read the rest of this helpful article: (CNN) — When she was 12, Jennifer Traig’s hands were red and raw from washing them so much. She’d start scrubbing a half an hour before dinner; when she was done, she’d hold her hands up like a surgeon [Read More…]

Do Pastors Need Mentors? By Jim Martin

This post, by my friend Jim Martin, Vice President at Harding School of Theology, puts into print a dimension of Jim’s ministry at Crestview Church of Christ in Waco for which he was well-known. Could A Mentor Help You? In Mentor Like Jesus (p. 12), Regi Campbell tells of some people in their 90s who [Read More…]

Rethinking Hell: Evangelical Conditionalism

The beat continues, the beat that persists in probing one question: Is ECT (eternal conscious torment) the most consistent view with the Bible and with theology? Or, the beat keeps asking, Is it possible that maybe conditionalism (annihilationism) is the most consistent? I have pushed this topic on this blog a number of times because [Read More…]