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Ecumenical or Unity? Michelle Van Loon

By Michelle Van Loon, one of our students at Northern Seminary: What is the most important thing you, or your local church, can do to encourage unity? I used to cringe at the word “ecumenical”. It smacked of engineered truces and kumbayah emotions. It conjured images for me of 1960′s World Council of Churches meetings [Read More…]

NT Wright, Science and Religion

A collection of his public presentations, N.T. Wright’s new Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues, brings Wright’s well-known narratival reading of Scripture/Israel’s history/Israel’s Story to bear on a number of topics, including science, the historical Adam, a “scientific approach” to the resurrection, ordaining women … and that’s just the first four chapters! Yes, plenty to dig [Read More…]

What are the Great Books?

Lots of books are good, but few books are great, and a mark of great books is that they can be read over and over by the same person with every growing appreciation and learning. A friend of ours repeats the reading of a great book for every two new books she reads, and I [Read More…]