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Religious Groups on Campus can’t be So Religious

Michael Paulson: Maybe this kind of legal decision and policy formation will lead more and more students to local churches where Bible studies and small groups can flourish without interference. BRUNSWICK, Me. — For 40 years, evangelicals at Bowdoin College have gathered periodically to study the Bible together, to pray and to worship. They are [Read More…]

The Kinds of Feminism

Forbes: The critique has to be made, but the aim of feminism must be recollected and used to refocus all energies. Christina Hoff Sommers, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and author of Freedom Feminism—Its Surprising History and Why it Matters Today, explains why as my guest on this week’s RealClear Radio Hour. In her book, [Read More…]

Babel as Ideological Critique (RJS)

The previous post on J. Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1 looked at the way in which Middleton sees Genesis 1-10 as an ideological critique of the dominant and dominating Mesopotamian culture. The creation of humankind in the image of God takes on added theological and societal significance in [Read More…]

Sorting Out the Options

At the website, Rethinking Hell, you will discover a serious and nearly always very reasonable approach to the difficult and demanding topic of hell and how Christians are to understand the Bible and the history of interpretation. At the site there is this wonderful diagram of options: Notice the three variants in the Traditionalism corner: [Read More…]