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Big City Churches and the Social Gospel

Jane Giordano Drake’s review of Thomas Rzeznik’s Church and Estate: Numerous, huge, substantial, ornate churches built in the early twentieth century occupied street corner after street corner in my town of Urbana, Illinois (like the one from my former neighborhood, pictured here). I wanted to know how these churches got there and how they were [Read More…]

We Are Wired To Be Social (RJS)

Many years ago I was with my then three-year-old daughter at a playground. We were hanging out and playing on the equipment (a far more elaborate set-up than the one shown to the right). Another parent showed up with two three-year-olds, one of them well known to my daughter. She happily went off to play [Read More…]

Ordination of Women: NT Wright

In his new book, Surprised by Scripture, N.T. Wright sketches his case for the ordination of women. What is for some of us an already established set of observations on the basis of the Bible is for others not only contested by problematic. In fact, for some affirming the ordination of women is a way of [Read More…]