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Soccer: Is the term British or American?

British, mate, and it’s high time they took credit for the term “soccer.” Which, my friends, is a way of saying it is “political.” Which is also a way of saying that by colonizing “football” for soccer, our good friends across the water have dissed those who play and prefer rugby (football). We in the [Read More…]

Responses to Archetypal Adam (RJS)

In the last post on the new book in the Zondervan Counterpoints series: Four Views on the Historical Adam we looked at John Walton’s view of Adam as Both Archetypal and Historical (the original post is found at the link). In the post today I will summarize the responses offered by Denis Lamoureux, Jack Collins, [Read More…]

Rethinking Hell: The First Argument

At the heart of the traditionalist argument for hell is the immortality of the soul, that is, that each person has a soul, that soul is essentially immortal, and therefore the wicked must exist eternally in a conscious state of punishment. In our last post I provided the very helpful graph of views, which I [Read More…]