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Time for Churches to Devote Attention to Family

From The Atlantic by Olga Khazan: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes … actually reverse that. First comes the baby, then, we’ll see. For people who don’t have a college degree, having a child in wedlock has become the exception, not the rule. According to a new analysis presented at the Population Association of America, among parents [Read More…]

The First Expositor of Romans was … Phoebe!

Jeremy Bouma and Mike Bird: Michael Bird says he likes to open his Romans class each year with a special question: Paul dictated the message of Romans; who actually wrote the message down? After the class settles on Tertius, he asks another: Who delivered Romans? Who was Paul’s envoy? After receiving confused faces and odd looks, he [Read More…]

Our Prayers for the Bishops

Source: PITTSBURGH — There won’t be any white smoke coming out of the chimney, but they’re calling it a conclave, similar to a papal election. Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America – a breakaway denomination formed by conservatives dismayed by liberal trends in the Episcopal Church and its Canadian counterpart – will gather at [Read More…]

In the Image of a Violent God? (RJS)

Chapter 6 of  J. Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1 addresses the question of the nature of God revealed in creation. Most of the Mesopotamian creation myths involve creation as part of some great cosmic battle. This combat motif is also present in Canaanite myths. Scholars have found traces [Read More…]

Rethinking Hell: The Second and Third Argument

In a previous post we looked at the first argument for the conditionalists, namely those who believe immortality is conditional and not innate to humans. That first argument was just that: God grants immortality to believers and therefore punishment of the wicked cannot be eternal, conscious punishment because that would require immortality on their part, [Read More…]