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Solar Powered Germany

Great news. Continuing its unrelenting march toward a renewable-powered future, Germany now can producemore than half of its energy from solar. The official word of this milestone comes from the Fraunhofer ISE research institute, which showed that the country produced a record 24.24 GW of solar energy during the first week of June. Thanks to better [Read More…]

Rethinking Hell: Argument Four

The traditional view of the church, which is not to say that everyone has always believed this everywhere but that this has been the historic view in standard theologies, is that the wicked will be endlessly punished (often called, eternal conscious torment/punishment, hence ECT or ECP). That view has now and then had its detractors [Read More…]

Using “We” in Public Prayers

In their splendid book, Shaping the Prayers of the People, on intercessory prayers in corporate worship, Samuel Wells and Abigail Kocher make a case that we need to be very careful about how we use the word “we.” They illustrate with five groups, for whom the “we” in the congregation/church/service might not apply: 1. Our [Read More…]