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President of Nigeria

BY GOODLUCK JONATHAN June 26 at 7:47 PM [More at the link.] Goodluck Jonathan is president of Nigeria. I have had to remain quiet about the continuing efforts by Nigeria’s military, police and investigators to find the girls kidnapped in April from the town of Chibok by the terrorist group Boko Haram. I am deeply concerned, however, [Read More…]

Clergy Robes and Anonymous Notes in Church, by Jason Micheli

Clergy Robes and Anonymous Notes in Church When I was a student at Princeton, I got the chance to hear a lecture delivered by Stanley Hauerwas, a theologian whose work I knew only from the snarky comments I heard whispered by certain professors as I waited on their tables during faculty lunches. Hauerwas was a like [Read More…]

Words without Props (John Frye)

Words without Props, by John Frye I realize I have quite a challenge in reviewing The Story of God Bible Commentary: The Sermon on the Mount by Dr. Scot McKnight. Scot compresses so much into succinct and provocative paragraphs. Living in Grand Rapids, MI, the home of the Amway Corporation, I liken Scot’s writing on [Read More…]