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Top Ten Veggies and Fruits

Some good charts and graphs at this site, but here is the Top Ten list: And the Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables Are… Watercress Chinese Cabbage Chard Beet Greens Spinach Chicory Leaf Lettuce Parsley Romain Lettuce Collard Greens Sorry kale lovers: it ranked 15. Other results of interest to me (because these are some of my favorite PFVs): Arugula ranked 18th. And carrots, tomatoes, [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 28 June 2014

Image credit Reviving baseball in African American communities — now  I like basketball, but baseball’s a great game! The number of major league baseball players on opening day rosters who identified themselves as African-Americans dropped to 8.3 percent this year. The highest percentage of African-Americans was 19 in 1986, according to Mark Armour of the [Read More…]