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Mainline Decline? Yes, Really!

From The Atlantic, by Tanya Basu: The handover in houses of worship across the country is not a straightforward case of an increase in non-Christian immigrants in the United States. In fact, many church sales can be attributed to shifts among Christian denominations.Roman Catholic weekly service attendance has slid from 75 percent in 1955 to 45 percent in [Read More…]

Mainline Decline? Really?

Ted Campbell: You know the story: America’s mighty mainline Protestant churches once stretched from sea to shining sea, embracing the vast majority of American people who worshiped week after week, filling glorious churches with their hymns of praise. But, alas, they are now reduced to a handful of aging folks who can scarcely pay to [Read More…]

The Day Evangelicalism Shook over Hell

When John Stott’s views were aired publicly in a book called Evangelical Essentials: A Liberal-Evangelical Dialogue (a public debate with a well-known English liberal, David Edwards), evangelical shook. His view was that the wicked will be annhilated; that is, Stott made it public that he — as true-blue an evangelical as one could find — [Read More…]

Patriarchal Worldview: Mimi Haddad

In the newest edition of Mutuality, a church-shaped magazine for the uplifting of women by egalitarians, Mimi Haddad, President of Christians for Biblical Equality, observes that there is one gospel but two worldviews (the topic of the most recent Mutuality). By the way, I prefer to call my own view “mutualist” or “mutuality” instead of “egalitarian,” because [Read More…]