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Laidlaw College (NZ) Loves the Cubs!

Laidlaw College student leaders, Jeremy Kendall and Fiona Sherwin, love the Cubs. Aotearoa (New Zealand) loves the Cubs! Jeremy has also now officially replaced his Yankees hat. We had to do a Haka for awhile before he became comfortable, but peace came and he has now found the faith of the good guys. The kingdom [Read More…]

Boomerang Kids: But What Counts as “Living at Home”?

By Derek Thompson. Wow, I had not heard this: More than ever, young people are living in their parents’ basements. You’ve surely heard that one before. The Washington Post, the New York Times, the New Republic, Salon, and others have repeated it over and over in the last few years. More than 15.3 million twentysomethings—and half of young people under 25—live [Read More…]

Responses to Adam and Eve as Special Creation (RJS)

In the last post on Four Views on the Historical Adam we looked at the view of Adam put forth by C. John Collins. He takes an old earth special creation view, but is willing to consider a wide range of scenarios that fit within certain limits. For example, an old earth and an evolutionary [Read More…]

Failing as a Pastor

Some of you may remember when J.R. Briggs decided, a bit on a lark, to host a conference called “Epic Fail.” Well, it spun out of control quite successfully.  J.R. Briggs has a new book called Fail: Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure. It’s a good book, and I know of no [Read More…]