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A Declaration for Teachers

By Jennifer Barnett, and at the link you can read the rest: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all teachers are valuable, and that they are endowed by their skill and expertise with a certain inalienable right to lead. That within this right to leadership lies possibility, progress, and the pursuit of a [Read More…]

The Old Rugged Words (John Frye)

The Old Rugged Words, by John Frye.  We cannot separate the old rugged cross from Jesus’ old rugged words found in Matthew 5:38-42. “Let the word be as rugged as it really is; its ruggedness carries its rhetorical power to call his disciples into the kingdom where retaliation will end” (129). What are those rugged [Read More…]

Evangelicals and Catholics Together: But are they?

From Sarah Pulliam Bailey: I appreciate this discussion over the years; I especially like Matthew Levering’s observation below; but what disturbs is that what unites these two groups is the shared battles found in politics, not the gospel. There is a gospel grounding for much greater cooperation. The next generation might find a message of [Read More…]