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Pizzas for Everyone!

Source: (CNN) — Adam Ritchie, a Domino’s Pizza manager in Cheyenne, Wyoming, said he’d never received a call like the one he got Monday night. “I need to feed my whole plane,” the caller told him. “Lucky me, I hear 160 people. It ended up being like 38 pizzas,” Ritchie told CNN. A Frontier Airlines flight [Read More…]

Dru Johnson Interview: Biblical Knowing

David George Moore conducted the following interview.  Dave blogs at Dru Johnson is an assistant professor of biblical studies at The Kings College in New York City.   The following interview revolves around his book, Biblical Knowing: a Scriptural Epistemology of Error. Moore: I know that Biblical Knowing is a rework of your doctoral work.  [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 12 July 2014

Portland art work. Roger Olson proposes a method for a local church in discerning the same sex debate. How foreigners detect Americans. (Kris and I are in Oxford and we shall both do our best to avoid detection, great idea don’t you think?!!!) Tight state, loose state? But why do these different outlooks exist, and correspond so [Read More…]