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Rachel Marie Stone and Ending Gun Violence

Rachel Marie Stone: Among the most difficult sessions at the Sojourners Summit […] was the panel on gun violence. … One of the people on the panel at the Summit was Mark Barden, whose son, Daniel, was one of the first-graders murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Barden spoke with the kind of authenticity that can’t [Read More…]

The Historicity of Adam is a Gospel Issue (RJS)

The final major essay in Four Views on the Historical Adam is by William D. Barrick. In his chapter Barrick argues for a traditional young earth view of Adam as the unique, supernaturally created, seminal father of all humankind. He argues that this is central to the biblical story and the Christian worldview. If Adam [Read More…]


The finest prayers of the church can be found in the church’s “collects.” A collect is a scripted prayer, used in public (or private) worship, written for a specific week in the church calendar, and which “collects” together the church’s petitions. What is not known is that the time-worn collects of the church have a [Read More…]

I Love the Bible: B

“How can those who are young keep their way pure?,” asks the psalmist in the opening line of the Beth lines of Psalm 119 (v. 9a). Some think the entire psalm is the journal reflections of an ancient Israelite as life progresses. What impresses me is other verses in this great psalm that give context to the [Read More…]