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The Pastoral Challenges of the Family

I am grateful the Vatican has chosen a General Assembly to expound a Christian theology of family in the context of evangelism. I have clipped the opening paragraph to the document (only a working paper called Instrumentum laboris) and then the outline. The Catholic Church’s document on social work remains the finest study ever, and I suspect next [Read More…]

Churches and the Family

From First Things, an interview with W. Bradford Wilcox: What can churches do to bridge the growing class divide in American family life? My argument to the bishops was three-fold. I suggested that 1) Churches need to be a voice for economic justice for lower-income families by, for instance, advocating for more generous child and [Read More…]

But Did Jesus Really Mean It? (John Frye)

Love Your Enemies “To love enemies breaks through the self barrier into divine space,” writes Scot McKnight in his SGBC: Sermon on the Mount (144). We have come to the last pericope in Matthew 5: verses 43-48 titled in the NIV “Love for Enemies.” Jesus steps into the “love your neighbor/hate your enemy” Jewish world [Read More…]

I Love the Bible: He

The “he” section of Psalm 119 (vv. 33-40) notably puts the psalmist in the posture of learning. The verbs are so clear in this psalm: Teach me (v. 33) Give me understanding (v. 34) Direct me (v. 35) Turn my heart (v. 36) Turn my eyes (v. 37) Like the posture of Mary before Jesus, who sat [Read More…]