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Board Resignations, Board Support at Bryan College

Source: Four members of the Bryan College board of trustees have resigned, saying they’re upset with the direction that the Christian liberal arts college in Dayton, Tenn., has taken under President Stephen Livesay. The resignations capped months of discontent on the Bryan campus brought to light by a change to the college’s 80-year-old statement of [Read More…]

The Bible’s General Trend and Hell

In the exceptionally useful anthology of scholarly pieces on conditionalism (or annihilationism) in Rethinking Hell (ed. C.M. Date, GG. Stump, J.W. Anderson), one of the most important contributions is by Harold E. Guillebaud, whose work is now harder to find (I find no copies available through Amazon). Guillebaud lays down some strong lines to open [Read More…]

I Love the Bible: W

God’s manifold mercy, God’s lovingkindness that embraces us in our manifold needs, is the hope of the psalmist in the next section (waw-section; 119:41-48). His prayer: “May your steadfast love reach me.” That lovingkindness is understood here as “deliverance” (v. 41b), and that deliverance is understood as “an answer for those who taunt me” (v. [Read More…]