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One of My Favorite Cubs Pitchers: Mike Krukow

Source: Mike Krukow says the worst part is falling down. “There is nothing more humiliating than falling in front of people,” says the longtime Giants broadcaster. “The biggest, most stressful thing is thinking about being on the field and falling in front of 40,000 people.” It seems unbelievable. The former pitcher spent 14 seasons in the big [Read More…]

The Author of Life (RJS)

I had the privilege of being in Oxford last week (UK! not OH or MS). The picture to the right was taken from the top of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. You can click on the image for a larger version. I’d never been to Oxford before and the town and University [Read More…]

The Church’s Wisdom on Prayer

The collects of the church reveal the church’s practices and beliefs about prayer; in them we see the church’s theology of prayer come to expression. I posted about the collects last week here and included a reference to a fine book “collecting” the collects: C. Frederick Barbee and Paul F.M. Zahl, The Collects of Thomas Cranmer. There [Read More…]