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Professional Sports, Women and Marriage

Source When it comes to balancing long-term relationships and careers, professional men’s tennis players seem to do a better job than their female counterparts. Maria Kirilenko recently announced that she was breaking offher engagement to hockey star Alex Ovechkin. She became the third high-profile professional woman’s tennis player in the past two years to see marriage [Read More…]

What about Hitler? Merritt asks Zahnd

From RNS: RNS: You say that Jesus told us to love our enemies, but what would Jesus tell us to do when terrorists kill our fellow citizens? What would Jesus have advised us to do in the face of the Third Reich? BZ: The initial problem with this question is the pronoun “us.” Are you speaking of [Read More…]

Deadly Piety (by John Frye)

Deadly Piety: Be Careful! In the review of Scot McKnight’s SGBC: Sermon on the Mount, we now move into Matthew 6 with its opening “thematic (warning) statement” (6:1) and three examples of practices of deadly piety (by the Pharisees)—almsgiving (6:2-4), prayer (6:5-6), and fasting (6:16-18). Jesus offers an aside that breaks the neat symmetry of [Read More…]

What I Have Learned Most from the Sciences

Posted last week at BioLogos: A student of mine recently wrote a paper in which he talked about growing up in a church that taught young earth creationism. This student was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable as he had learned some facts about the world a long, long time ago that were almost certainly undeniable. [Read More…]