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A Brief on the CBE Meeting in Colombia

Mimi Haddad: So many of us long for authentic community – a place to nurture Christian faith, intellectually, spiritually, and socially. Amid the complexities of life and our disappointments with self, others, and the church, we often venture to events, longing for God’s healing touch in Scripture, community, prayer, and worship. For those wearied by [Read More…]

Leaving Calvinism: Keith Coward’s Story

Source: This paragraph is revealing and over the years I’ve heard this so many times… I have italicized the words that reflect a common set of categories used to explain anyone not a Calvinist. We get no where when Calvinists — and not all are like this — claim non-Calvinists don’t have the stomach for [Read More…]

Tokens in Dayton: Why?

BioLogos by Lee Camp: Evolution & Christian Faith grantee Lee Camp recently published an article on the blog for Tokens, a radio show from Nashville combining music, interviews, university lecture, cultural analysis, and conversation, with each episode geared around a philosophical, theological, or ethical idea. On July 17th, Tokens aired an episode on the topic of [Read More…]

Inerrancy: A “Classic” Model

The word “inerrancy,” like the word evangelical, beggars clear and compelling definitions and articulations. Many of inerrancy’s proponents don’t believe simpler words — like truth, truthful, trustworthy — adequately express what is to be believed about the Bible. So there is an Inerrancy Debate, and it is now in an official form: Five Views on Biblical [Read More…]

When the Cross Faces the Majority

Brian Zahnd’s father was a judge who taught Brian that “the majority is almost always wrong” and that the job of a judge was “to protect the minority from the majority” (73, in A Farewell to Mars). Why? majorities are more interested in power than truth. Power in the hands of a majority leads to scapegoating, [Read More…]