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Pastors and Their Homes

Is there any serious thinking or discussion about the homes in which pastors and priests and bishops live? It is not just Roman Catholic bishops or archbishops who dwell in opulence. In fact, many Protestant pastors dwell in nothing less than luxury. Steven Furtick’s home was the attention of some media not long back, and Mark [Read More…]

Richard Middleton: After The Liberating Image (RJS)

As I am off vacationing this week, picking wild blueberries (four  pies worth this morning) and getting in a little fishing, we have a great opportunity to think a little deeper about the image of God. Earlier this year we took a long look at Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in [Read More…]

The Jesus Posture is the Way of Forgiveness

Yesterday Jon Merritt called his readers, now that Mark Driscoll has confessed and apologized for his sins, to forgive. I was saddened by the vitriol spilled out against Merritt and Driscoll in the process. In fact, yesterday I posted about scapegoating and mob/crowd anger against someone, and it was not absent in some of the [Read More…]

Beliefs Known by Praxis

What we believe and how we behave are not quite perfectly matched, at least not this side of the kingdom, but it is not unfair to say that what one believes is seen in how one lives. If you say you believe in God but never pray, or if you say you believe in forgiveness [Read More…]