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Grudem on Grudem’s Studies

Wayne Grudem has recently been interviewed by Books at a Glance, and here is a brief clip — at the link you can see the whole interview: I’m not so sure that “complementarian” can be defined as “equal in value but different in their God-given roles.” It’s not difference that is the issue; the issue [Read More…]

Jesus was a Jew (and I am not) by Josh Graves

Jesus taught like a Jew. Dressed like a Jew. Thought like a Jew. Ate like a Jew. Sabbathed like a Jew. Spoke like a Jew. Jesus taught, dressed, thought, ate, talked, and got his sabbath on like a Jew because–are you ready for it?–Jesus was a Jew. He came from Jewish parents. He was raised in a [Read More…]

The Inadequacy of the Inerrancy Model (Pete Enns)

I was at Tyndale House in the early 80s when a well-known evangelical theologian came by to speak about the importance of inerrancy. It was a good and encouraging address, but after the paper a veteran NT scholar leaned over to me and said something like this: “It is easy for systematicians to claim inerrancy [Read More…]