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Other than the Name?

Source, with the final comment being incomprehensible: There is only one road, a few houses and a farm. But the French hamlet La Mort aux Juifs, about 70 miles south of Paris, has attracted international attention. Translated, the hamlet’s name reads, “Death to Jews.” For centuries, nobody really seemed to care about it. This changed [Read More…]

2014 in Ferguson

CNN: Ferguson, Missouri (CNN) — While Michael Brown appeared to tussle with an officer before he was shot dead, he didn’t enter the police cruiser as authorities claim he did, two witnesses told CNN. The women’s accounts corroborate that of a previous witness, all three of whom said the officer fatally shot the unarmed teen. Police [Read More…]

Pre-Adamism and Hermeneutics (RJS)

Several years ago I read and posted on David Livingstone’s book Adam’s Ancestors: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins. This is a book I enjoyed reading, so it was a real pleasure to meet David at the Evolution and Christian Faith Workshop last month, and to have an opportunity to talk about the [Read More…]

The Kingdom and AA 12-Steps (by T)

This series on the gospel of the kingdom and Alcoholics’ Anonymous 12 step program is by T, our lawyer friend who has been part of this blog since we began. The King Jesus Gospel  & AA– 1 I think being raised Southern Baptist has helped give me a lifelong curiosity in ‘the gospel’ and evangelism [Read More…]