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Women, Bibles, Translations

From Arise newsletter, by Kristin Gatza: Born and raised in Chicago, Kristin Gatza moved to Arizona, where she received a BA in biblical studies. She is currently a student at Fuller Theological Seminary working towards her MA in theology with an emphasis in language. When not in the classroom, Kristin is known as a frequent [Read More…]

The Sin is Mammonolatry (by John Frye)

“The irony of wealthy followers of Jesus cannot be ignored” writes Scot McKnight in the SGBC: Sermon on the Mount (204).  This sentence bifurcates the section Listen to the Story [Matthew 6:19-24] and this section contains some of the most profound, heart-felt, transformative writing in the commentary. The rhythms of a pastor’s heart beat in [Read More…]

Rowan Williams on Eucharist

To be a Christian, Rowan Williams says, “means to live as people who know they are always guests — that have been welcomed and that they are wanted” (Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer). Or, “In Holy Communion, Jesus Christ tells us that he wants our company” (41). “Jesus created fellowship wherever he went” and he [Read More…]