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Norcia Prayer Life Interrupted

I often tell a story about Norcia and its prayer routines — a story involving Kris and I wandering into the San Benedetto Basilica in Norcia on a morning to be swollen into worship by the Benedictine monks praying and chanting Psalm 119 in Latin. Sad to hear that an earthquake destroyed the basilica and [Read More…]

“Make American Great?” Lee Camp Responds

From Lee Camp, a wonderful, multi-talented prof at Lipscomb University (make sure you go to the link to read the whole piece): The root of the problem, it seems to me, is that we think America is the problem, and that the most important public work we can do is fight for our vision of [Read More…]

Practicing Your Faith

By Jonathan Storment Over the past few months, I have done reviews of a couple of different books that I’ve found helpful in ministry. One was Jamie Smith’s latest book “You Are What You Love” where, as a virtue ethicist, Smith convincingly makes the case that human beings are not brains on a stick and [Read More…]

Church as Fellowship: More than Socializing

One of the most — if not the most — important words in the New Testament for the church is the word fellowship (Greek: koinonia). What is a fellowship? What is happening when you hear someone use the term “fellowship” for what goes on in your church? Why do we call one room in some churches [Read More…]